Since there is no minimum number of days you need to purchase, you can buy one day and see how it goes. 

As long as you have a minimum of 1 prepaid day per child in your account, you are free to add days as often as you’d like and in any increment. Having prepaid days in your account means you are always guaranteed space at camp. You can refill days online anytime by logging into your account and making a payment with your bank account (ACH) or with a credit card. Whenever you add days, they will be at the Day Pass rate. If at any point you purchase enough days for a single child to qualify for a Summer Pass, we’ll automatically convert all your Day Passes for that child to the Summer Pass plan.

One thing to note: we have observed that campers benefit from attending more than a day and on consecutive days when possible. The continuity helps them better connect with the program, staff and campers.