Families are able to apply for financial aid to purchase reduced price day passes. We award the financial aid to qualifying families based on verification of current income, as well as 2018 income and family size. The income levels necessary for qualification are different by state, due to the variance in cost of living and housing.

Financial Aid Day Passes work similarly to our regular Day Passes. You may buy any number of Financial Aid Day Passes, use them anytime and at the end of the session we’ll refund you any unused passes. Financial Aid Day Passes are awarded for use during 2019 only, are not transferable and cannot be sold.

If you opt to purchase the (Summer) Financial Aid Membership, it will be beneficial for those who plan to use 30 days of camp or more. If you use less than 30 days, we'll calculate what you would have spent on the daily Financial Aid rate and refund you the difference.

Please be aware that acceptance into the 2019 program does not guarantee future acceptance. For more information please visit the Financial Aid section of our webpage