All of the activities we offer are available for all ages. We’d never want to create a situation where children felt like their opportunities at camp were limited because of their age or where children are jealous of other campers because they’re too young or too old to participate in a particular activity.  Most of our activities are adaptable to the individual. As a result, you can have two campers in the same activity, one in kindergarten and the other in 6th grade, working alongside each other on different projects, each appropriate for his/her age and ability. 

For some physical activities, however, it does not make sense from a safety standpoint to have very young campers participating with much older campers, like in a jumpy house for example. In those situations, we’ll divide the campers into smaller groups and have a K-2 group take a turn together, and then a 3-7 group take a turn separately. Occasionally, we’ll take a similar approach for organized Sports like Dodgeball, Soccer, etc.