Having older campers around doesn’t really impact the experience that our younger campers have in the activities. Because most of the activities are designed to be project-based, you can have campers of different ages working alongside each other on separate projects that are tailored for their age and ability.

For some of the sports, however, it does not make sense from an ability or safety standpoint to have very young campers playing with much older campers. In those situations, we’ll divide the campers into smaller groups—for example, you could have a grades K-2nd soccer game in the morning and 3rd-7th in the afternoon. 

There are counselors stationed throughout the campus making sure that campers are behaving appropriately. We take bullying and inappropriate language very seriously and do what we feel is necessary to protect the safety and well-being of campers, taking all factors into account. For the most part, our older campers are really sweet with the younger ones, and are very willing to take them under their wings and help them in the activities.