We recognize that it’s extremely difficult for parents to map out their entire summer months in advance. And even when things are planned out, there are always unexpected things that come up. One day your child might get sick, or you may get the day off work and decide you want to go to the beach. We would never want to penalize people financially for these sorts of situations.

​We process refunds automatically for all camp locations in mid-September. If there are any unused days remaining, we will automatically refund their full value. If you are a Summer Pass holder but end up using fewer than 30 days for the cost of the Pass, we’ll calculate what you would have paid at the daily rate, and refund you the difference. If you need a refund before the end of the summer, just reach out to your year-round Self-Director.

Learn more about our refunds here.

While we've got our refund process down to a science and don't anticipate any errors/issues, we strongly recommend that families check to confirm their refunds are accurate after they are deposited (10 days after our last camp closes during any season). If you ever feel your refund is incorrect, please let us know within 30 days so that we can take a look and, if needed, adjust. 


*Due to slightly shorter available dates at our host school, our DC - Capitol Hill Summer Pass breaks-even at 25 days of camp.