Once you have booked your reservation through the Bright Horizons portal (or your Bright Horizon rep), you'll be sent an email from Steve & Kate's Camp with a set of Guest Pass codes - one for each child and day that you reserved. 

You will need to either login to your account (if you already have one with us) or create a new account for your child/family. Once you get to payment page, you will look for the link to Redeem a Guest Pass code. You can apply multiple codes at once for a single child. If you have multiple children, be sure you are redeeming the Guest Pass codes separately (do not add them all to one child - each child needs their own set of days/codes). 

On your first Guest Pass code redemption of any particular season (Winter, Spring or Summer, etc) you will have a $0.50 charge when redeeming the Guest Pass codes. This is related to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and is used to verify your identity. 


(Note: you do not need to complete any state compliance paperwork on the Bright Horizons site for our program. Only our online registration is needed.)

If you forget to redeem your Guest Pass and purchase a day through our system instead, we can retroactively add your Bright Horizons Guest Pass code to your account. This makes the Day Pass you purchased through us available to use at another date during that same camp season, or will be automatically refunded at the end of that season. If you ever feel your Bright Horizons Guest Pass wasn't utilized, please let us know within 30 days so that we can take a look and, if needed, adjust.