Safety and security are always top of mind. There are a number of things we do to ensure the safety of our campers. At each location, we closely monitor who is entering and leaving the campus at all times. We set up our camps so there is one main entrance/exit. Unless there is a gate that can be closed to secure that entrance/exit, we'll have someone stationed at or near it at all times so there is constant supervision of who is coming and going. When children arrive at camp, they sign into our custom-built database, which has all of the information that was provided by the parent when they registered, including who is allowed to pick up their child. When they sign in, campers receive a badge, which is a physical indicator that the child has signed in and is a registered camper.

At the end of the day, anyone who comes to pick-up a child must be on the authorized pick-up list. We’ll check the list (and the person’s ID) before letting the campers leave. When choosing new locations for our program, security is one of the top priorities. We choose locations that are contained and easy to supervise. We also go to great lengths to set up our own physical barriers or to supervise entry and exit points on campus.