We like to think of our summer camp as a chance for kids to experience and learn things they don’t normally get in the traditional confines of the school year. And while our program is designed by a team of expert learning scientists and deeply rooted in cutting-edge educational theory, it doesn’t look much like school.

When we talk about learning, we are talking about the kinds of transformative growth that happens for children as they come to know and trust themselves, and develop the confidence to see themselves as capable of actively shaping their own lives. Traditional learning - absorbing facts and information - is a tiny slice of what happens at Steve & Kate’s. Rather, we do everything in our power to design programs that give kids the freedom to pursue their own passions and interests, and in doing so, engage in far more meaningful, long-lasting learning.

So what does that look like? Well, we start with the kids. We give them a rich environment filled with genuine choices about what excites them most, and we empower them to forge a path guided by their own particular points of curiosity and fascination. Along the way, we provide structures that inspire and support them in defining and pursuing the trajectory of their own learning. Instead of telling kids what to make or do, we introduce possibilities. Instead of demanding that they ‘do it right the first time’, we encourage experimentation. Instead of telling them to keep their eyes on their own paper, we help them find ways to collaborate with others. Instead of insisting that they stick to the plan, we furnish kids with resources to use if they need them. 

Once a child has taken the initiative to make their own choices and learn from their own judgment, they develop a knack for creativity, social interaction, decision-making, and lots of other valuable skills that you simply can’t “teach.” All of this helps children to develop the habits and confidence to see themselves as learners for the rest of their lives, long after their school years have finished.