Every summer we have a large percentage of campers join us at camp who are going into Kindergarten or 1st grade. To give you an idea, our Kindergarteners and 1st graders each usually make up about 1/8th of the camp - which is proportionally about the same as any other grade since we have 8 total grades at camp. The ratio stays consistent throughout the summer, and from year to year. This information, as well as our own personal experiences engaging with our youngest campers, allows us to feel very confident that our program works well for most Kindergarten and 1st graders. 

Even our youngest campers have access to the more technical activities we offer like animation, crocheting, and coding. While they are unlikely to be working on the same caliber of projects as our older campers who may have a more extensive background in those areas, there are a variety of ways to get them involved. For example, if a kindergartner is interested in making an animation but is not yet ready to complete a project on their own from start to finish, they can take on specific roles in a group project like being featured as a voice actor. When designing activities for camp, it is a priority to make them accessible to all ages.