We carefully design our program to include a variety of activities that cater to different interests. We offer indoor and outdoor activities, art-focused and tech-focused, active and mellow. Our camper population is so diverse in terms of age, ability and interests that there tends to be a very even spread across the activities. For those occasions when an activity does see a high degree of interest, we work with campers to ensure they have a chance to use the equipment and supplies without needing to stand around and wait. We order supplies and equipment based on the largest numbers we are expecting, but can also order more quickly if there’s a particular spike on any given week and we need to replenish.

Still, we occasionally heard that some activities at certain sites were filling up. So starting in 2020, we’re addressing the matter even further: First, by combining all tech activities into one media lab, we’ll be able to allocate devices to where they’re needed in real-time. This means, for example, we’ll no longer have a situation where campers are waiting for a coding ipad, while a film one is sitting unused in the activity next door. Next, we’re adding more activity options at any given point in the day which means that campers will have more options to choose from, spreading them out more evenly around camp. And finally, we’re extending the hours of the Media Lab and Sewing Salon, which were the two areas most prone to lines.