Steve & Kate’s is a summer camp that puts kids in charge of their own experience. Kids are self directed at camp, because not only are kids far more passionate about activities that they choose for themselves, but they eventually learn to trust their judgment and learn to adapt. And these are crucial skills for kids to develop in order to tackle new challenges throughout life whether personal or professional. 

Designed for kids entering Pre-K through 7th graders, we offer a massive choice of activities that cater to pretty much anything your child would be interested in. Campers have access to all of our activities and can pick and choose what they want to participate in to create their day in real-time. These include: The Media Lab, Sewing Salon, Blocktopolis,Bakery, Crochet Corner, Library, Arcade, sports, water play, Gaga,  Weekly Specials such as giant inflatables, and more. 

The most important facet of all these activities is that we don’t force specific projects or activities on the campers. Rather, we let them choose what they’re most interested in and run with it. Campers choose how much time they spend in any activity, and when they’re ready to move onto the next one. So if one camper wants to hone in on their sewing skills and spend the day designing their entire wardrobe, they can. If the next day they want to taste test all the activities before making any commitments––that’s fine too. These are the campers’ choices, not those of the staff. We believe that you need to trust kids with the freedom to make their own choices driven by their natural curiosity, to experiment with their own decision-making and develop the confidence to try, fail, and learn on their own. Those are incredibly valuable lifelong skills that you simply can’t teach without real life experience.

Oh, and we’ve also got plenty of perks for parents. Lunch and snacks are included in the camp fees, so there’s no need to worry about that all summer. Also, we’ve got one of the most flexible payment options of any camp - you sign up for as many days as you like and use them whenever you want (you don’t even need to tell us that you’re coming—just show up and we’ll be waiting for you). And at the end of the summer if you have any leftover Day Passes, we’ll refund them back to you at the same price you paid. And if you need more than 30 days of camp (25 in DC), give a look at our Summer Pass option too.