With the depth and variety of our program, Steve & Kate’s is truly a summer-long experience. When children spend more days at camp, they explore and discover new passions. They involve themselves in long-term projects. They forge tight bonds with campers and staff.

The Membership covers every day that our camp is open, all hours from 7:30 am to 6 pm and includes all activities, materials, lunch and snacks. You also get one Guest Pass to give to anyone of your choosing so they can come to camp for a day (advanced registration required). Our Membership will benefit campers who plan to attend 30 days or more (our camps run anywhere from 39-59 days, depending on location). If you buy a Membership and end up using fewer than 30 days at the end of the summer you will automatically be converted to the lowest Day Pass rate for your location (no matter if you used 3 or 29 days). We’ll calculate what you would have paid based on your attendance and refund you the difference. As a result, there is no financial risk to buying a Membership. Memberships are good for one camper and days can not be transferred.