I understand and appreciate your concern regarding immunization requirements at Steve & Kate’s. As an organization we believe that having up-to-date immunizations is important, not only for a child’s own health but for the health and well-being of those around them. Because we operate throughout the country, our immunization requirements default to those of the local schools / school districts that our campers attend. Here is what we include in our waiver that all parents must accept in order to register for camp, and we double check this information by including a question about immunization status during the registration process:

I attest that all immunizations for the child/children named in this registration that are required by their school or local school district are up to date, OR I am refusing this requirement for religious or other reasons. (Please Note: In some states there are additional requirements related to camper medical history and supporting documentation.)

This policy was created to comply with both the American Camping Association Health and Wellness standards, since they accredit all of our camps in California, as well as local licensing agencies and health departments throughout the country who oversee our camps. While our staff policies don’t currently include immunization requirements, some states, local licensing authorities, and school districts do have medical requirements for our camp staff that we comply with. 

In the event that we ever have an outbreak of a communicable disease at camp, our protocol is to contact the local Department of Health, who will advise on the appropriate measures to take to address and minimize the spread. We also send out an email to all families who attended camp at the same time as any diagnosed child/children to let them know of the occurrence and the follow-up actions we’re taking and that they should consider.

While these are our current policies and practices, we do evaluate them annually to be sure that we’re doing all that we can to prioritize safety, public health and compliance with local requirements. If you have any further concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know.