As a baseline across all of our locations, we plan for a 10:1 ratio on average overall based on our average expected daily attendance (i.e. we expect 150 kids / day on average, we budget for 15 total staff). At some of our smaller locations, or at sites where we need additional staff supervision, or in states that have specific compliance requirements, the planned/ budgeted ratio will be better. Once we get a bit closer to summer, if you’re interested, I can give you a better sense of what our specific ratio is likely to be on an average day.

That being said, given our flexible enrollment system, the ratio fluctuates a bit day-to-day with the changes in attendance, and since campers have the freedom to explore and move between activities as they wish, the ratio in each activity fluctuates. For example,  in one area of camp there might be a single staff member and 15 campers who are reading books, playing board games, or relaxing with friends. Whereas outside there could be 5 campers playing basketball with a staff member.

Going beyond the specific numbers, I can assure you that your child will always be supervised by an adult, and we try to staff for the highest number of predicted campers we’re expecting at a given site. But even more important than the quantity of staff is the quality. All of our staff are college-age or older, so we tend to have a more mature, experienced staff than many other programs. We perform background checks on all of our staff and they are all First Aid and CPR certified. Many of our staff and on-site leadership team are graduate students in their mid-twenties or older. Because we’ve been around for 40 years, we often get returning staff year to year and have even hired a number of former campers who come back to be a part of camp once more.