Since we provide lunch and snacks, as well as all of the equipment campers need to participate in activities, there isn’t much they need to bring. At our warmer sites, we often offer water activities so a swimsuit and a towel would be helpful; we try to announce water days in camp headquarters the day before or on the individual camp webpage. We also recommend applying sunscreen on your children before coming to camp. We’ll have sunscreen in our headquarters to reapply later in the day—just let the staff onsite know that you’d like us to do that.

At our cooler sites, it’s good to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt that your child can take off if it gets warm. Please make sure their name is in everything they bring to camp. This will make it much easier to find things that are misplaced. We'll have drinking water available but in an effort to reduce waste we ask families to bring a reusable water bottle, labeled with your child(ren)’s name.


We discourage campers from bringing cell phones, video games, toys, electronics, and any other valuables since they may end up lost. (See details on specific items below):

  • Cell phones: We understand that in this technological age some parents would prefer to be able to get in touch with their child at a moment’s notice. If parents would like their child to keep a cell phone on their person, we simply ask that campers keep the phone in a pocket or bag, use it for that purpose only, and do not share it in anyway with other campers. If cell phones begin to make a regular appearance around camp, we’ll talk to the family about how to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Items as props: Campers often get very excited about projects at camp and many request or decide to bring something from home with them to enhance their creations. In order to make sure these precious items from home make it back home, we ask that campers leave them in the camp headquarters until it’s time to use them.