You don’t have to do anything to ensure a spot on a specific day. As long as you have prepaid days in your account, you can literally show up at camp and you will be guaranteed space at any location, any day that we’re open. This eliminates the need to preplan and keeps things totally flexible for parents. 

We know what you're thinking: But how can you prepare if you don't know who is coming when? With such a large number of people signing up for our camps, their needs and usage patterns are varied enough to keep things pretty even. We closely track and limit the total number of registrations we accept. Based on the attendance patterns we’ve observed for the last 40 years, we can project within a reasonable margin our average daily attendance based on total sign-ups. We build a cushion into our projections to make sure that we have more than enough staff and equipment on hand. We know when our busiest weeks are and can plan accordingly. While there may be small fluctuations in attendance day-to-day, we’re prepared for them and they’re not enough to change the experience that campers and parents are having.

One thing we do like to mention with regards to our flexible attendance is that we have observed that campers benefit from attending more often and on consecutive days when possible. The continuity helps them better connect with the program, staff and campers. When children attend more often, they gain confidence to try things that are a little more adventurous (like dance, since you may end up performing in front of the entire camp). Also, children who come only a handful of days may not have enough time to experience the full range of the program, or complete some of the more involved projects like making an animation or sewing a piece of clothing.